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  • IkAiKaDv8
    IkAiKaDv8  Just now

    One day we will get back to using the site. It will always be here as long as I can keep it up.

  • IkAiKaDv8
    IkAiKaDv8  1 week ago

    TeamSpeak Viewer is down not the server.

  • IkAiKaDv8
    IkAiKaDv8  1 week ago

    Thank You for the donation WOLFKIN

  • LunaPhoenix
    LunaPhoenix  3 weeks ago

    Hey Fokal!

  • IkAiKaDv8
    IkAiKaDv8  3 weeks ago

    damn bruh. where ya been
    nice to see you haven't forgot us

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