Aion Unshackled Fate

26 Jan 2021  |  IkAiKaDv8  |  Game News  |   0
Aion Reborn

AION Asmodian Daeva

AIon Unshackled Fate is a mmorpg that is free. In the past they made the mistake of making it pay to win. They have corrected the issue in this version of the game and its now back to it's roots. As it once was when it was subscription. This game has been redone and some things are improved and other things changed that you might not like. Considering the added content for those who have not played in a while it does make it easier to play a new class or relearn your old. I think the game is great just for the fact that its free now and we can get more people to play with no sacrifice of the wallet. There are bigger and better instances ranging from 1 man to get your XP, or a 96 man instance. So what I am getting at you can play with a lot of people playing and play the role you want or is needed. Mainly 6 man groups will be used but there is alot you can do with a alliance group.

Check it out and look at some of the game play. We still have a legion and its still ranked 8 even after years of not playing. We hope to see some new players soon and start to have fun. We have a lot of people who can help in this game and we dont expect you to be on or play when we say. This is not the AUG Elite way.

Try it out and see for yourself.

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