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Posted by IKAIKA Dv8
Friday 05 December 2014 - 07:38:48

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This is a great game for the price. Its free, looks great. and really fun to play with friends. If you like game like borderlands. This is a good game to play. The more people the better the loot it seems when I have played. Everyone gets something and most of it you can trade or sell. I think the game is well put together although like most games the content could have more. I mean really, its a free game so why am I crying about it. For me this game is really about playing with friends (as if IKAIKA really has any what a Ahole) like the AuG Elite crew. We have already established what they call a ARMY in the game. Of course its called AuG Elite. I mean you wouldn't have guessed that, but its there.

This game is a FPSMMO for those who don't understand the acronym. Its a first person shooter massive multiplayer online.

For a free game the graphics are really good. People seem to be able to play with all sorts of set ups and connections. So if your worried about connection issues I have not seen any from any players. So Lag wont get you fragged here. This game is like most MMOs. You have a PvE and PvP way to play. If your a PvE player don't worry you wont get jumped trying to get your farming or missions done. The PvP is in a whole different area, and believe me. You will know when your there GEEEEZUSSSS!

For PvE you can do your mission alone or with friends. Most missions it seems are repeatable except for a few I have found, and some you have to have 20 people in your group. Those are fun to play. Its chaos but fun.

All in all in short its free, doesn't cost you a arm or a leg let alone both to get this game and try it. When and if you do decide to say hmmmm lets give it a try join the TS channel let us know and we will help you get started.

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