• mmobeys bless online gold store - Let's go back to talking about the revived Bless Online. Today, the Neowiz Games team has released a new dev blog on Steam that focuses on dungeons, which will be linked to the game's main story.
    According to the developers in fact the world of Bless will present many instanced underground, full of powerful monsters and bosses that can only be defeated by team play. There will be dungeons of different types, from those feasible in only at the beginning of the game up to the 10-player raid dungeons.
    "The main reason to explore dungeons are special items, but cleaning out dungeons with friends and party buddies is also a fun and useful experience!" Wrote the Korean study. "Dungeons, one of Bless Online's strengths, are places to use the strategies and tactics of each class, and are designed to maximize the fun and sense of accomplishment of the players."
    I remind you that Bless Online will be released in Early Access on the Valve platform during 2018. The translation in English, German and Russian is confirmed, while the Italian one will be absent. Details about the business model are still lacking, but developers have promised that they will avoid any form of pay-to-win.
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