• poe items - I have always loved aegis aurora builds and that I desired to make one viable with this league. It had been difficult, however, I managed to get work using Scorching Ray and a lot of ES and armor while using Protector Ascendency '' which converts reserved mana into ES and reserved health into armor.
    You're semi-immortal and may undertake the trippiest map mods with the hardest mods to ever elegance human eyes.
    The only real cons of the build is the fact that it's costly and dps is extremely low when compared to meta. But if you wish to be safe from just about anything and have the terrible connection then this is actually the build for you personally. It is just like switching on godmode on abyss league.
    To reiterate how strong this build is defensive. For those who have 5 or even more monsters attacking you, you're effectively immortal as Aegis Aurora restores 1,200 ES instantly per block which results in like 4,000-9k ES per pack of monsters.
    And also you regen 30% of the 9,500 Energy Shield every 5 seconds because of Protector Ascendancy. That is on the top of the fact you're traveling with 60k armor and 75% opportunity to block spells and attacks.
    It's like getting the armor of the Juggernaut, the Max-Block of the Gladiator, along with an effective existence and regen to what RF Chieftain. You're an animal of the tank.
    And also, since it's tough to die. This will make this build HC friendly.
    There's a couple of variations from the build that you can buy. Hopefully, it isn't that confusing. I attempted to list out lower the benefits and drawbacks of every version. The CI Version is easily the most defensive form of this build but has reduced dps.
    Original Version - 62k Armor, 9.8k ES, 370k DPS:
    Original 2-Curse Version - 60k Armor, 9.5k ES, 412k DPS:
    CI Version - 68k Armor, 9.4k ES, 270k DPS:
    CI 2-Curse Version - 60k Armor, 9.2k ES, 300k DPS:
    Red Nightmare Full DPS Version - 40k Armor, 7.1k ES, 736k DPS:
    I have finished updating the guide plus a video of my first complete HoGM run. Used to do a couple of after to find out if it might vary a little, but all runs happen to be pretty smooth since I believed out Slayers have 20% culling.
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