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Dell program reset computer to factory condition??
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Ryan Caleb
Thu Oct 12 2017, 09:03AM
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Just picked up a Dell from a customer. The story he told me was that for a while he was getting a notification (with a Dell logo) saying that whatever this program is, it wants to reset his computer to factory condition - i.e. reload Windows 7. He just closed the notification every time it came up. And then one day sits down at his computer and it tells him the reset is underway! He claims he did not click 'OK' to do this, and no one else in the house did either. And, it looks like it's an out-of-the-box level of Win 7. Fortunately, his personal files are still there, but I'll need to update Win 7 and reinstall a bunch of programs.

The whole situation is very strange. Has anyone seen anything like this? Any hints on things I can look for to try and figure out what happened?


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