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SSD question
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Ryan Caleb
Wed Oct 11 2017, 11:17AM
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I had a customer bring in an Asus Zen which had been dropped and they need data off from it. It had board SSD in it, a SanDisk SDSA5JK-256G-Q. I did what I thought was due diligence to order a USB adapter. I had a motherboard here with an M.1 and an M.2 port on them, neither seemed right. I looked it up and it was supposed to be some "mSATA" thing which was only used one year. I get the adapter in and it doesn't fit. I look at the motherboard again and it does seem to be the right size for an M.2 port, but it goes in upside down, with the solid plates on the one side of the board (presumably power and ground) connecting with the pins. This thing has 2 sections, one with 6 pins and one with 12. The opposite side has solid plates. I'm getting too old to learn this new stuff. Any ideas?


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