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RuneScape division
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Sun Aug 24 2008, 06:04AM
Guest I think its time to dust off an old game i used to play... RUNESCAPE. it's a free mmo, that you can play for free. if we get this off the ground, i already have people that could play with us. "NOW WHY WOULD LEDHEAD PLAY A CRAPY BROWSER GAME?" becuase its fun at its core and i fealt like playing this again. if any1 wants to start out, im the pwn so i can give u money n stuff. so yeah, who's with me?
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Sun Aug 24 2008, 07:02AM
Guest Sounds good. I'm not going to, but always good to see people expanding.
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Sun Aug 24 2008, 01:20PM
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no thanks i try to stay away from that game as much as possible
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the end
Sun Aug 24 2008, 06:30PM
Guest lol you know what just for gits and shiggles I'll mess with it for like 5 mins tyhen I'll probably remember how stupid it was and drop it again but i'll give it a short chance-----see I can be supportive
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Sun Aug 24 2008, 08:34PM
Guest oh yeah... my screen name is hi im taylor (made it when i was 10)
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Sun Aug 24 2008, 11:03PM
The Patriarch, Blues Drive Monster & "The Best Mexican"

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gj ledhead
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Mon Aug 25 2008, 12:07AM
That Crazy Guy
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Ha I've actually been messing around with that the last week or so... Name on there is Yume Dame, I DID NOT MAKE THE NAME. My brothers friend gave it to me when it was like level 20. Lol
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