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IKAIKA Dv8 on 1 month ago
i have updated the teamspeak viewer. you can now see who is in and use the join button to enter teamspeak
IKAIKA Dv8 on 3 months ago
I will get it back showing when i can.
Thank you Voskan you know for what
asustek on 4 months ago
Happy 4th of July for you americans lol!
Phoenix Goddess on 7 months ago
Please join and save the new ip :) Thanks
oyster71 on 7 months ago
Hey AuGes...The WaW server is back up and running....[ AuG Elite ] HC FragFest. It's on!!!!
Harunnio on 7 months ago
We have a COD: World at War Server up again. Look it up if you feel like shootin some peeps.
IKAIKA Dv8 on 7 months ago
OMFG its back. TY to muarader for the help
Nuke on 11 months ago
HDMI 2.1 cables are here, 48 Gbps, HDR, 4K @ 120 Hz, compared to HDMI 2.0 @ 18 Gbps & HDMI 1.4 @ 10.2 Gbps. Perfect Christmas stocking stuffer for yourself. xyxthumbs
Phoenix Goddess on 11 months ago
hello and welcome
Cannibus on 1 year ago
Nuke on 1 year ago
PlanetSide 2 Double XP "Week", begins 11/17/2017 thru 11/24/2017.
q1 q2 q3
Nuke on 1 year ago
Happy 4th of July Holiday Everyone = )
VisionKill on 1 year ago
Thank you Nuke. (Let the games begin!!!)
Nuke on 1 year ago
Happy Birthday "VK", a.k.a. Kiilla prost
VisionKill on 1 year ago
Raigin, I'm usually around if I'm on 9-11 pm est.
Raigin on 1 year ago
Hey Nuke what happened to your email addy now, im also getting an error with Ikaika's
Raigin on 1 year ago
hey Nuke, Pho, Ikaika,VK are you on?
Nuke on 1 year ago
Happy Birthday Ika June 8th prost
Phoenix Goddess on 1 year ago
and yes Shepard is the main character 1-3 Andromeda is very different but has a story line in there about her
Phoenix Goddess on 1 year ago
yes it Phoenix
For Andromeda its Luna
Nuke on 1 year ago
Pho, noticed your FB Top photo is N7. In Mass Effect 3, is N7 the elite military faction where Shepard is the main char? Do you still use your gamer name Phoenix while playing it?
Dead on 1 year ago
Hello People!
Phoenix Goddess on 1 year ago
Happy birthday Rajin
Nuke on 1 year ago
03/01/2017 Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 Ti GPU, 3584 CUDA Cores, Memory 11 GB GDDR5-X VRAM running at 11 Gbps, Tiled L2 Cache, Vapor Chamber Cooling 2X airflow vents, 35% Faster than current 1080X, and also faster than TITAN XP, 2-power connectors, No DVI Port, 3 Display Ports, 1 HDMI Port, FCAT VR allows measuring the quality performance of VR $699 for the Reference Card. This thing is so fast you can't believe it.
Nuke on 1 year ago
AMD Ryzen CPUs is one of the Hugest technological launches in the past 10 yrs. 1/2 the price of Intel Broadwell-Es, and they out-perform E's in all multi-threaded tasks, and they will auto-overclock if they are liquid-cooled. Plus, March 2017, 82 new Mother Boards will be launched. prost
Nuke on 1 year ago
Intel Optane will be proprietary only for Intel at launch. 7th Gen Intel Processors required. AMD..nope.
Nuke on 1 year ago
2017 1st signs of weakening support for WINDOWS 7. Both AMD's new Ryzen CPU and Intel's Kaby Lake CPU will NOT support drivers for WIN 7. Means they will only work on WIN 10! deal
Nuke on 1 year ago
YAY Faith! So glad it worked out. You're welcome & Merry Christmas. redcap
faith_Ho on 1 year ago
NUKE! My ram came tues. And the games is like a whole new game. Its freeking amazing. Thank you so much <3 merry christmas
Dead on 1 year ago
Hope everyone the best happy holidays and Happy new year if I don't see y'all angel
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